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The concept of the Mousonturm is to challenge oneself and give support and a stage to artists who boldly explore the world. The FREUNDE & FÖRDERER DES MOUSONTURMS supports the artists to have the courage not only to bring pleasing mainstream to the stage, but also to provoke and contradict the common art image.
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Art does not reproduce what we see,
it makes us see.

Paul Klee








Unfortunately places like the Mousonturm have become a rarity in Germany.

Only about a dozen houses throughout the country are dedicated to the continuous production and shows of contemporary dance and performance (in addition to Frankfurt's Mousonturm, the major houses include Kampnagel Hamburg, HAU Hebbel, Ufer Berlin, tanzhaus nrw düsseldorf, FFT Düsseldorf, PACT Zollverein and HELLERAU European Centre of Arts, Dresden).

Each city has its own story to tell about how it got to its venue.
The development in Frankfurt was closely linked to the names of Dieter Buroch and Hilmar Hoffmann. It was Dieter Buroch who in the 1970s organized a theater festival on the grounds of the Mousonturm, which had already been unused for several years.
The festival was loud and colorful and received a great response! Nevertheless, it took more than ten years until Hilmar Hoffmann, the important head of the Frankfurt Department of Culture, was able to convince the magistrate that the city operated the tower as a municipal enterprise and financed it on a long-term contract. This made the Mousonturm the second major avant-garde venue for contemporary dance in Frankfurt. (In addition to the Theater am Turm – TAT – which closed in 2004).

Not least, the fate of the TAT shows how important it is for a city's society to be committed to its stages.
Therefore the FREUNDE & FÖRDERER DES MOUSONTURMS stands symbolically for a strong anchorage of the Mousonturm in the local citizenship.