The Executive Board

Volunteered, passionately determined. The members of the board introduce themselves.


We are looking forward to any help.
So we are pleased that we have supporters, whom we can present friendly.

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This is how we are

The “Freundeskreis” supports one of the most important institutions for contemporary dance, theater and performance

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Executive Board

The Board of Directors is elected by the members.
It works and commits itself on an honorary basis.

Art is something wonderful!
To do it, on the other hand, is associated with many privations. Especially when it comes to dance and performance art. We are proud to support the artists who produce and perform at the Mousonturm.
As an honorary board member of FREUNDE & FÖRDERER DES MOUSONTURMS, we all have our own reasons why we are committed to the Mousonturm. Read about our individual motivations.

Dr. Doron Israel

For some years now I have been running my own small company together with two partners, which supports medium-sized entrepreneurs and companies in raising capital and in the purchase and sale of companies. Besides my family and my job, culture is close to my heart; it is what makes us so-called civilized people.

Why “Mousonturm”, the house of artists? Because both, great international artists and local artists, get a forum here. And always at the cultural forefront – just really audacious! Because of its program and as a counterpart to the other established houses, the Mousonturm is an important and complementary element in both the Frankfurt and German cultural scenes. Last but not least this also strengthens Frankfurt as a business location.

Why do I get involved in the FREUNDE & FÖRDERER DES MOUSONTURMS?
Quite simply: In order to be able to live and support what has been said above even better!

Dr. Regina Krause

For more than 20 years I have been working as a freelancer and consultant in the field of operational health management. In my private life I am interested in art, friends, travelling, cooking, sports, etc. For several years I volunteered at the Kulturgemeinde Kelkheim to organize readings, especially with contemporary literature.

Why have I been involved with the Künstlerhaus Mousonturm and the FREUNDE & FÖRDERER DES MOUSONTURMS for more than six years? The Mousonturm offers a wide-ranging program and a lot of new and surprising things. Sometimes it's also something challenging that at first only evokes question marks in the mind, but always offers exciting topics of conversation and thought - in short: That’s audacious art!

For the members of the association I support interesting activities and give insights into the work of the Mousonturm. Beyond that I am active in the member advertisement.

Dr. Stefan Militzer

For me, the Mousonturm is like a concave mirror that takes a close look at our present time. I am totally fascinated by the joy of experimentation with which the artists re-appropriate the past. They explore the future and allow forays into distant areas of the present.

I am an self-employed author and coach. Experimental electronic music and theater-making are part of my hobby, so the discoveries I can make in the Mousonturm are both inspiration and challenge. I want to help protect this creative potential and anchor it firmly in urban society.

Artistic Director Matthias Pees

In the sleeper he emptied whiskey bottles with Heiner Müller. With Christof Schlingensief he crossed the Amazon River. Matthias Pees has now been artistic director of the Künstlerhaus Mousonturm in Frankfurt since 2013.

Pees wants to be able to offer his artists clear structures. He wants to create synergies with the Tanzhaus NRW; he wants to put "Tanzlabor 21" on a firm footing for years to come; his goal is to promote young talents from the region; but he also wants to create synergies with New York, Tokyo and São Paulo. The FREUNDE & FÖRDERER DES MOUSONTURMS offer helpful support for all ambitious projects.

Gerlee Tsegmid-Rösch

I was born in Mongolia, where I studied ballet at the Dance and Music College of Ulaanbaatar. In addition I belonged to the Mongolian State Theater.
Packed with wanderlust, as a modern nomad I went out into the world at an early age. After stations in Berlin, New York and Paris, I am now settled in Germany again.
In my agency I work for Mongolian art and culture, Mongolian Step, and I am a cultural ambassador for Mongolia.
What makes Frankfurt international and modern is reflected in the work of the Mousonturm. I always want to integrate new impulses into my life, and that's exactly what I'm looking for in this fascinating place. I'm also very interested in what happens behind the scenes. It is always impressive to see how many people volunteer to support the Mousonturm in addition to their work. It is a privilege for me to be able to be integrated into my new city in this way.

Nadia Said
Office manager of the friends' association Freunde & Förderer des Mousonturm e.V.

Having worked as an art director, artist and communication consultant in
New York City and Santiago de Chile for several years, I felt the urge to move
back to the Taunus area, Frankfurt, the place I call home. 

After another stop in Scotland, where I completed my master’s degree in
Art and Business, I have found a place here at the Mousonturm which
offers me the type of creative and exciting environment and the inspiration
I experienced from living abroad.

I am honored and excited to work as Head of Friends & Sponsors
of the Mousonturm at this very special cultural institution.