This is how we are

We support one of the most important institution for contemporary dance, theater and performance.

The Executive Board

Volunteered, passionately determined. The members of the board introduce themselves.

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We are looking forward to any help.
So we are pleased that we have supporters, whom we can present friendly.

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This is
how we are

Stage performances in the Mousonturm are performed and produced by international stars as well as by young regional artists.

The Mousonturm sees itself as a house of artists where people from all artistic genres dare to experiment and courageously take new artistic paths.

In addition to the focus on performance, dance and theater, the house also hosts installations, exhibitions, film festivals and conferences. There are rehearsal spaces, workshops and apartments for artists.

What others say about us …

Tony Rizzi, performer and former Forsythe dancer

Thank god for the friends of Mousonturm!
They are that wonderful go between the people who run the show and the general public. They inspire both groups of people and help all (including the artists them­selves) remember art is important. I also personally love to chat with members of this group after my shows because they have seen so much of my work and have a good sense of what I am doing. Even if I am not really sure about what I am doing :-)

"With its dedicated work, the FREUNDE & FÖRDERER DES MOUSONTURMS are an outstanding example of the passion with which Frankfurt's municipal society supports its cultural institutions. I am delighted that so many art enthusiasts are committed to the Mousonturm."

Dr. Ina Hartwig, Head of the Frankfurt Department of Culture

"For many years I've been a member of the FREUNDE & FÖRDERER DES MOUSONTURMS because for me the Mousonturm is a pleasant and necessary spot of color in Frankfurt's cultural landscape. I particularly appreciate the commitment, especially to contemporary dance, which is now also offered an internationally renowned platform. As a supporting member, I enjoy the contact to other "friends of culture". But also the always well-organized theater trips and dance excursions as well as the quite often reduced entrance fees!

Ulla A., f.f.m.-member

"If the FREUNDE & FÖRDERER DES MOUSONTURMS didn't exist it would have to be invented: To have hundreds of friends behind you is a confirmation in our daily work, a guarantee in times of cultural insecurity and, last but not least, a pleasure in the dialogue on our productions."

Matthias Pees,
Director of the Mousonturm
More about the Mousonturm

Working for so many years closely with the Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, I really enjoy getting closer and closer to the audience, knowing them better and discussing my work with them. I believe that the Freundeskreis of Mousonturm offers more intimacy into what the Theater has to offer and to the artist present there.

Fabrice Mazliah, Choreographer and former Forsythe dancer

"For Irish dramatist George Bernard Shaw, friends were "God's excuse for relatives." For the Mousonturm, friends are reliable partners in day-to-day business with ignoramuses, philistines, skinflints, envious persons, journalists and politicians."

Dieter Buroch, Founder and longtime Director of the Mousonturm